Rogue Apparatus: leather goods for life

I'm dedicated to the Heritage of this craft. The American roots of making high quality leather products. This means I purchase my materials from a multi-generational local leather wholesaler who purchases directly from the tanneries. When you purchase from me, you are supporting layers upon layers of local and small American businesses.

To put it simply I am just a working man with a wife and a daughter who wants to run a cool side-hustle.

Rogue Aparatus is a project idea for me to share the things I make with the world. My passion for creation is based around necessity with a spice of style and toughness. I like to make things that will get passed on to your children, and your children's children because it was that good and it was that sturdy.

My background is in metal fabrication where I discovered how so many things are built, from food processing equipment to airplanes to bicycles and more. In that career I learned the physics of how to build high quality products in an efficient manner. Now I apply those concepts on a smaller scale to create widgets which are either really cool or really functional and sometimes both.

I love the outdoors, archery, hiking, fishing and hunting. I love EDC gear that makes my life better. And secretly I'm a total nerd who loves tabletop games, DnD, Magic the Gathering etc.

If you ever want me to make something custom just ask! I love to cater my products to a customer's specific needs.